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Purity Labs All-In-One U.S.B. Full Body Cleanse

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Urine, Saliva, Blood Ultimate Full Body Cleansing. 100% Cleansing Guaranteed from Purity. Liquid drinks work by temporarily reducing the appearance of levels of toxins in the body. USB is a specialized combination of ingredients that stimulates the body's natural removal of toxins from the body in a natural and supportive manner. After consumption of USB, the body is free to create a total decrease in specific toxins remaining in the body. The net result is superior levels of cleanliness for a longer period of time! A Complete ALL-IN-ONE Solution! 100% new and unique formula Lasts up to 12 hours Unique metabolic activators in USB that are not found in other products Up to 8X the potency of other products Nothing else needed Complete System Cleansing Safe and Highly effective Body will be free of toxins 1 hour after consumption and for up to 12 hours 10 capsules